Get Going…

Past… A necessary part of life of everyone… Just like everyone has two eyes, two ears, a nose etc, there is a past, sometimes a bad past. If you have lived your life, you must have a past. Otherwise how can you say that ‘Oh Yes! I have live those moments.’
When as a child, we did not know how to use ears or hands but eventually we learnt. Rather we had to. We had to understand it because we wanted to survive. Can we do something with this bad past?


We know it is going to be there. We cannot deny its existence but surely we can learn to live with it and there is only a way to do it… Being Positive…

Believing on the fact that whatever happens, it happens for a reason. There is someone who has planned few interesting things for us, far better than our plan.

A coin has two sides, never ever forget that… Try to see a positive side of it and see how it brings out positivity in your life. Understand the reason why things went wrong instead of thinking and crying about it.
Without failure no one will know the importance of success. It is never about how hard you fell, it’s about how stronger you became after that…

We all have a past, a past that has taught us many things, a past which has made us more mature than we were before…
A bad past is not there to demoralize us but to constantly tell us not to repeat old mistakes, it is there to tell us that we have successfully survived through it, it is there to tell us to move ahead, grow up and be wise…
Phoenix… It is surely not counted as one of the beautiful creature but it is known for his unique power, his never-ending will… A phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes… A determination of not quitting is what that phoenix advices us… Can we atleast try that?

Learn to live with a bad past, learn to love it and you will see a wonderful life ahead…
It takes only a thought of being positive to make hurdles look much simpler…
Just a thought…

– Anannya


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