The untold story…

One more sports movie in the list and just another biopic with bollywood masala and romantic rain but for me, it did steal the show… for many reasons… 🙂

The director have shown Mahi’s journey from the beginning, from how he learnt keeping in school till 2nd April 2011, a most memorable day for all Indians. And believe me there is a hidden message in every part of that movie, a message to inspire you. It tells you not to give up on dreams. If you are focused, it doesn’t matter who’s with you and who is not. You will meet people at every stage, some will become a ladder and some will be the snakes to pull you down.

A movie shows a beautiful bondage of a family. A mother, who hides your mischiefs, loves you beyond any boundaries and believes in you even when you have a doubt, imagining your dreams coming true. A caring sibling, who understands the mess in your mind without even talking about it and supports you through thick and thin. A hardworking father, serving days and nights for his family, who wants you to have secure future but somewhere deep down wishes you should complete your dreams. He did not get a chance but you should take every opportunity to complete it. Some friends, who are always there for you no matter what time or the situation is, who teaches you unusual things which may be useful in the future 😛 . These are the few things only lucky ones have and are like first brick of a foundation of your success. It has to be strong.

A movie shows, you will not always have a full toss. You will get yorker, an in-swing, out-swing, a bouncer and sometimes you can not play at all and you have to duct to save yourself. You can go for six on every ball, you are bound to get out on zeros, and sometimes it can be because of someone else’s mistake. But you have to go one, you can not stop there blaming others for your failure. You have to keep moving.

A movie shows, it is absolutely fine to be confused about your career, it is ok to doubt your willingness but the movie also shows only you can make a way out of this confusion. If you are in self-doubt, its only self-belief which will bring you out from that valley. It is ok to take foolish decision but once you take it, do not regret and have guts to prove them right.

A golden egg can not be hatched in first chance. Sometimes you miss a train; a flight takes off before you reach the airport. But you can not give up. May be a right train or a right flight for you is yet to arrive. Have patience and keep trying.

A movie shows do not look at your competitors as a rival. Look at them for your betterment. Try to find out what they possess, how they work, how they strategize and how they implement those strategies. Forget about what made you a loser, concentrate on what made them a winner. Learn as much as you can from them and reenter stronger than before. And you will never know someday your competitor might become your good friend. May be some day you two will have an amazing partnership on the roads of glory.

474674-428042-dhoni-teaserA movie showed, it is absolutely ok if you are nothing in the beginning. No one ever remembers the first page of any book. It is the complete story and a last page that leaves an impact. Be that book, write your own story and someday be something which you dreamed of.

Thank you Mahi, Sushant, Neeraj for a wonderful inspiration… 🙂

– Inspired Anannya


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